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Ciao's adventures

Dear Stacy,

Just to let you know that Ciao is doing fine in the Netherlands, while we are still in Hong Kong joining him in two weeks/end of July.

Stacy you did the impossible for us!
When you told me my little blind pug could hardly be transported out of Hong Kong because most airlines do not accept snub nosed dogs anymore,
I was not pleased to put it mildly.

At that time it was already way into April.

But what could you do about it? What you could do about it, you did! In an amazing, caring, efficient way, together with your staff

and you managed to get him on the last possible flight with Lufthansa, which would transport the animal if the temperature was below 27 degrees Celsius.

When Ciao left Hong Kong it was 26,5 degrees Celsius and it was already May! I think we had the very last cool day in Hong Kong until October.

The flight with Lufhthansa went very well, German efficiency. And his stay with his foster family is more than pleasant as you can see.

He is enjoying a boat trip together with his hostess, labradoodle Marley, who welcomed him warmly.

I'm looking forward to picking him up in 2 weeks.

Again thanks a million and good luck with Ferndale, a place where the animal comes first!


Hong Kong to Frankfurt, May 2015