Singapore Airlines for Pet Travel

For pet owners, bringing your cat or dog on an aircraft can make all the difference in travel enjoyment. Singapore Airlines offers one of the best pet-friendly policies that allow small animals to fly in the cabin with you. However, handling Singapore Airlines’ pet travel requires some preparation and understanding of specific airline rules.
In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about traveling with pets on Singapore Airlines in 2024. We’ll provide key details on getting your pet ready for flying in the cabin and what to expect during check-in and boarding.

Who are Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines is a flight provider that can take you to as many as 130 different popular destinations. You could fly to South East Asia, North Asia, West Asia and Africa, the South Pacific, Europe, and America. At present, due to the pandemic, there is a reduced service in operation. You should get in touch to see if your desired location is currently available. They are one of the many airlines that allows you to take your pet with you on your travels so there’s no need to leave them at home!

Singapore Airlines Pet Policy

Singapore Airlines has detailed regulations in place for transporting pets on their flights. Whether flying in the cabin or as checked cargo, pet owners must follow specific guidelines related to kennel requirements, documentation, breed restrictions, and more. The key requirements of Singapore Airlines’ pet transportation are:

On-board the Flight

When making a booking with Singapore Airlines for pet travel, you will have the option to have them go as checked baggage or in cargo. Depending on the country you’re travelling to, they have specific restrictions when it comes to travelling with your pet. It’s best to check with them directly to make sure you’re up to date with what is allowed.

Checked Baggage Policy

Singapore Airlines allows pets to travel as checked baggage on most flights. For your pet to travel as checked baggage, your furry friend must be in an IATA-approved kennel. However, there are size and weight restrictions – the kennel plus pet cannot exceed 32 kg (70 lbs). All the necessary documents, such as health certificates, must also be present.

Cargo Policy

If the combined weight of your pet and crate exceeds 32 kg, they must travel as a Cargo booking. Singapore Airlines has specific requirements for transporting pets as cargo. Sticking to the airlines’ guidelines would be best, like using an IATA-approved crate with proper ventilation and providing necessary documentation.

In-Cabin Pet Policy

Singapore Airlines welcomes trained service dogs or assistant dogs to accompany passengers with disabilities in the cabin. Advance 2-week notification and documentation confirming the dog’s status are required. The assistance dog must always be 4 months old and under the owner’s control. Remember, Singapore Airlines doesn’t consider an emotional support dog a service dog. So, the emotional support dog must travel as checked baggage or in the cargo hold.

Pet Restrictions

Certain dog breeds are banned on Singapore Airlines for pet transportation. As with many airline providers, Singapore Airlines does not permit the travel of brachycephalic (snub-nose/flat-faced) dog species. A few dogs that fit into this category are:

  • Mastiff
  • Akita
  • Shih-Tzu
  • Boston & Pitbull Terrier
  • Pug
  • Boxer

There are a lot more dog breeds that have made the list. You should check this on their website or by giving them a call to see if your dog will be accepted.

Travelling Kennel Requirements for Pet Travel in Singapore Airlines


travelling kennel requirement

It’s important to note that most airline companies will not accept a travelling kennel that is not considered safe and secure. It’s best to think about using a kennel that is approved by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). You will need to make sure that there is sufficient room inside the kennel for your pet so that they can stand up, sit, lay down, and turn around if they wish to. Depending on the length of your flight, your pet will be inside the container for a long time, so their comfort is really important. Also, the crate must come with food and water containers inside. Take a look at the IATA website if you’re unsure of a suitable kennel for your animal.

If you’re travelling with multiple pets, they won’t be accepted if they aren’t in separate kennels. The only exception would be if you had puppies or kittens from the same litter that are over the age requirement of 3 months and weigh no more than 14kg combined.

Important Documents

pet import documents

To make sure you’re well prepared, ensure that your pet’s passport is up to date with all the latest vaccination information and certifications that your pet poses no threat of rabies. If you’re going to be exporting or importing pets out/to Singapore, you need to make sure you’ve applied for the correct Animal & Veterinary Service license. You can read more about this on the Singapore Airlines website.

You won’t be able to travel if your pet isn’t in good health or is not fit to travel on the day of departure. For pet travel on Singapore Airlines, make sure that your pet is sufficiently hydrated before the trip and that a water container is supplied inside the travelling kennel. You can also place one small toy inside to make your pet feel more comfortable for the duration of the flight. Be sure to put the name of your pet on the outside of the container.

At the check-in counters, you’ll need to submit your Release & Indemnity Form with any other up-to-date documents. It’s advisable to check in at least two hours before the time of your flight to ensure everything is completed as smoothly as possible.

Price of Pet Travel on Singapore Airlines

The cost of pet travel on Singapore Airlines can vary depending on the pet’s size, breed, age, and specific flight itinerary. Depending on the amount of luggage you already have, your pet may be included in the free luggage allowance. However, if you exceed this, you will need to pay separately for the additional weight, as this is how the cost of your pet is worked out. The route will also be factored into the amount you will pay. If you’re travelling in or out of Singapore, you may need to pay additional charges which are available to view on the airline company’s website.

Current flight deals can be viewed on their website. However, for a booking with a pet, you will need to make a call directly to the booking office.

When to Book Singapore Airlines’ Flights For Your Pet Travel

Singapore Airlines request that you book at least 2 weeks in advance if you’re travelling with your pet to make it as stress-free as possible. You can do this by getting in touch with your local Singapore Airlines office. At this stage, they will request all the information relating to your pet, such as the breed, age, name, colour, and weight. For travel booking to relocate your pet to Singapore, contact us for arrangements!

Temperature Control for Your Pet

The cargo hold can be booked for your pet by calling your local airline office. The hold will be temperature controlled so there’s no need to worry about your pet being too cold during the flight. If the temperature is predicted to be high outside, you should consider making a booking later in the day for the comfort of your pet and to prevent any potential health problems such as stress/anxiety.


Singapore Airlines’ pet travel policy is created with the safety and well-being of your furry friend in mind. It’s essential to be prepared by understanding all the airline’s policies, fees, and requirements for pet travel ahead of time. As a dedicated pet relocation company, we specialize in seamless pet travel logistics so you can focus on the fun of your upcoming move with your furry companion. We’ll walk you through all the airline’s rules, documentation requirements, fees, and tips to ensure your pet has a safe, stress-free flight. We stay updated with Singapore Airlines’ latest pet travel policies so we can accommodate all breed and destination-specific needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fly a dog in the cabin with Singapore Airlines?

Only service or assistance dogs are allowed to fly in the cabin on Singapore Airlines. Other dogs need to fly as excess baggage in the hold, or as a cargo booking.

What are the size and weight restrictions for pets in the cabin?

The total weight of your pet and crate combined must not exceed 32 kg to fly as excess baggage on Singapore Airlines. Your pet must travel in the cargo hold as Cargo booking if this weight is exceeded.

Are there breed restrictions for dogs traveling with Singapore Airlines?

Yes, brachycephalic dog breeds like Pug, Boxer, and the French bulldog are restricted with Singapore Airlines.

What documentation is required for pet travel?

All the necessary documents, like a health certificate issued by a veterinarian, proof of vaccinations, and microchipping details, are required for pet travel on Singapore Airlines. For assistance dogs, certification of training is required.

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