Rabies Neutralising Antibody Tests (RNAT)

For some countries, the governments require a RNAT test prior to travel. This is a Rabies Neutralising Antibody Titre Test.

Feel free to contact us to discuss the detailed requirements.  Ferndale uses and offer the internationally recognised rabies test (sometimes referred to as a RNATT test) which is accepted for pet travel throughout the world.

Can Ferndale arrange the RNAT?

We can help arrange this RNAT blood test with your vet, or with our partner veterinary services.

The blood is collected from a dog or cat by the veterinarian, and then its centrifuged to collect the serum. It’s the serum sample that has to be sent overseas to an approved Veterinary Laboratory. We tend to use Labs in the United Kingdom for testing samples to an approved international standard. The local Hong Kong laboratories are not approved for this process.


What is a RNAT?

This is a Rabies virus assay. It is used to detect rabies virus neutralizing antibody (level of rabies serum in the blood stream) after vaccination.

Why is RNAT necessary and used?

A blood titer test for pet dogs and cats is required by many countries in order for dogs and cats to qualify for a reduced quarantine period or no quarantine at all when they are traveling from qualified areas. Rabies is a zoonotic disease and many thousands of people still die from it every year Globally.


RNAT test paperwork details

It is important that the microchip number, blood sampling date, and all other details are consistent between the RNAT test laboratory report and the other paperwork like vaccination cards or other documents.


What countries require the RNAT?

Please contact us for additional information, it includes Australia and New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan, and others. The earliest effective date that the RNATT can be accepted, and the length of validity of the RNATT result, depends on the destination Country.


My pet failed the blood test, what do we do?

A small number of animals do fail the first blood test. In these cases we would recommend that the animal is given a booster rabies vaccination and another blood sample is taken later. This failure rate depends on when the last vaccine was done, ie the antibody levels.

rabies blood test for pets

Rabies Express Service

Yes we have an option of being able to send out serum for express fast results, with one of the overseas labs; this aims to achieve a maximum turnaround time of 3 working days from sample receipt by the Laboratory. This service is designed specifically for urgent samples and is on request only. We always use the fastest courier service and with a tracking code for peace of mind of where the samples are.

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