A Punctual, Professional & Safe Pet Import & Export Transport Service

We have been trading for over 20 years and shipped many thousands of pets safely in this time. Your pet’s safety and welfare is our priority.

Taking your pet out of Hong Kong, or importing into Hong Kong, can require a good deal of planning and research. By choosing Ferndale’s pet shipping import-export service, you can leave us to do the hard work, letting you concentrate on your own travel arrangements. Our dedicated pet travel consultants are based on-site at the Kennels, allowing them to have personal contact with the pets they help to move.


A pet import-export service providing the reach you need

We can help your trusted companions travel all over the world, having in the last few years sent and collected pets from places as far apart as Poland, Chile or New Zealand. Please do not hesitate to email us and we will be pleased to provide you with a no obligation estimate.

We have qualified agents all over the world and can provide you with door to door estimates for most countries, or you may choose to collect your own pet, in which case we will give you a door to port estimate. Your wish is our command, you tell us what you want and we will do our best to arrange it, let us take away all your worries. Email for an estimate today!

Don’t forget some countries like Australia and New Zealand have strict requirements and the procedure may take some time, so call early for the requirements, and don’t delay your pets travels.


A comprehensive service


    • Personal service
    • Catering to individual needs to suit your dog, cat, or other pets
    • World wide pet shipping
    • Door to door or door to port services
    • Handling agents all over the world
    • Insurance on request for animal travel
    • Pick up and deliver your pet anywhere in the world
    • Import or Export into and out of China, Hong Kong, and Macau.
    • Complete all travel arrangements for your pet on the most direct and cost effective flights
    • Provide approved flight carriers of all sizes, even custom-built ones
    • Prepare and lodge all pre-flight domestic and international documentation and endorsements, including veterinary certificates, airline security and customs clearances and government permits and appointments
    • Help make arrangements for the mandatory Veterinary Health Certificate consultation (a government regulation for all pets travelling internationally).
    • Arrange for veterinary services for your dogs and cats such as vaccinations, health treatments, blood sampling and certificates, and implanting of microchips for identification, all of which may vary according to the destination country requirements
    • Review all processes to ensure your pet’s safety and welfare is paramount;
    • Secure comfortable animal boarding accommodations in Hong Kong in the event of a layover
    • Make quarantine arrangements as needed


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(*special thanks to Dr.Rob Gordon BVSc MRCVS for writing this article)

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We have been trading for over 30 years and shipped many thousands of pets safely in this time. Your pet’s safety and welfare is our priority.

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