The Complete Guide to Booking Qantas Pet Travel

Who Are Qantas Airlines?

Qantas Airlines is a large, pet-friendly airline company that heads to many popular international destinations such as Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East, and the South Pacific.

Pets are a major aspect of family life, and it’s important to take them with you when you travel. Peace of mind is a major selling point with Qantas company and you will be able to get all the latest travel information and restrictions by visiting their website. Ferndale is one of Hong Kong’s only two Specialist agents for Qantas pet travel bookings.

Qantas Pet Transport within Australia

Qantas Airlines offers pet transportation within Australia for domesticated cats, dogs, and household birds. Pets can travel in the aircraft cabin with you or as manifest cargo. With decades of experience in pet transportation, Qantas understands the importance of ensuring your pets are well-cared for during their journey. Qantas offers trained staff for your pets to make the pet travel experience as stress-free as possible for both you and your beloved animals within Australia.

International Qantas Pet Transportation

Qantas offers pet transportation services for international flights to and from Australia. The requirements and paperwork for international flights are more complex than domestic pet travel. Qantas provides specially designed travel crates for your pet’s comfort and safety, meeting international regulations and standards. At our pet relocation company, we regularly arrange international travel for pets on Qantas. We assist you with all the necessary steps and paperwork to ensure your pets have a safe, comfortable flight to and from Australia.

Booking Qantas Pet Travel

As a rule of thumb, Qantas strongly advises using a professional animal transportation company for international travel. They are experienced with import procedures, quarantine instructions, any restrictions, veterinary concerns, and a comfortable travelling kennel for your pet.

Following the temporary changes to the Qantas pet travel booking method, all domestic pet and animal transport bookings must be made through a Qantas freight-approved pet travel specialist. You can do this by following a link on their website, which will take you through to one of Qantas’ preferred pet travel specialists. Ferndale is proud to be one of the Qantas freight-approved pet travel specialists. For more information about pet relocation to Australia, do check our notes for Australia.


booking Qantas pet travel

In-cabin Qantas Airlines Pet Travel Policy

Qantas Airlines’ pet policy accepts service dogs in the plane’s passenger area. Service dogs are dogs that are specially trained to perform tasks and provide assistance to people with disabilities. Trained service dogs assisting passengers with disabilities are allowed to travel in the cabin on both domestic and international Qantas flights. Service dogs are not restricted by the size and weight limits. Unfortunately, this means any other pets will need to travel in the cargo hold to the rear of the plane, where the temperature and noise are constantly regulated.

Cargo Pet Travel Policy

Except for service dogs, every other pet, like cats, household dogs, and birds, must fly as Cargo on Qantas. The pets are handled carefully and go through a smooth process from check-in to arrival. They travel in designed IATA (International Air Transport Association) approved kennels that provide safety, ventilation, and room to move. The climate-control system of the Cargo can maintain a comfortable temperature and pressure for your pets. All the cargo staff on Qantas are trained to monitor and care for your pets.
Whether moving to Australia or just travelling, you can depend on Qantas Airlines for safe and well-managed transportation of your pets in Cargo.

Things to Be Aware Before Travelling with Pets on Qantas Airline

before travelling with pets on Qantas

There are important requirements and limitations you should know before flying with pets on Qantas. Have proper identification, health certificates, and import/export permits to avoid issues. Here are the things you should be aware of before travelling with your pets on Qantas:

Qantas Pet Transport Requirements

All pets need to be at least 12 weeks old before they can fly with Qantas. In the interest of your pet, if your pet is over 12 years of age, you’ll need to present a certificate from a vet stating that the pet is healthy enough to fly with Qantas Airline. Safety and your pet’s health are most important!

Due to their limited respiratory systems, brachycephalic (snub-nosed/flat-faced) breeds must be booked in for travel through selected pet relocation specialists as health requirements and flight restrictions will be in force. It’s crucial that your pet is not endangered in any way, and as a result, these rules have been put in place since January 2020.

Standard Crate for Qantas Pet Travel

Qantas will be able to check how suitable your travel crate is by getting in touch with them. The maximum weight allowed for your pet and kennel combined is 50kg. If it exceeds this, you’ll need to contact the airline provider to check if the pet can travel on Qantas. Please ensure that the travelling crate is made from a secure and robust material. If you’re unsure about how to create your own travelling kennel correctly, you may need to consider the use of a professional pet relocation service.

IATA (International Air Transport Association) approved crates will be available for purchase from some of the major terminals. However, the choices may be limited so it may be worth calling the airline company to purchase one if it is required.

It is advised not to fly with your pets in Qantas during very hot weather as whilst this airline company does have temperature-controlled areas on the plane, there will be spots on the tarmac where this will not be available. This can cause them to overheat while they’re waiting to get on the plane. Severe heat can cause health problems for your dog, especially when it is travelling by plane. Your pet may already be feeling anxious from the change of surroundings, and the heat may compound this issue. If you must travel during hot weather, it is best to avoid your pet transportation in Qantas on those planes that depart in the middle of the day when the temperature is at its highest.


Qantas informs all pet owners not to sedate their dogs for the flight as health inspections will be carried out before travel, and it’s important for them to ensure that their dog is suitable to make the trip. If your pet is sick at the time of departure, they won’t be allowed to travel.


The airline provider advises against placing clothing on the animal, such as a coat, due to the cargo hold being temperature-regulated at a comfortable level. Increasing your pet’s temperature may lead to dehydration while flying your pets with Qantas.

Banned Dog Breeds On Qantas

Qantas does not allow the transportation of certain dog breeds categorized as dangerous or restricted. Banned dog breeds include American Pit Bull Terriers, Dogo Argentinos, Japanese Tosas, Brazilian Fila, and Perro de Presa Canario. This ban extends to both travel in the cabin and cargo. So before booking Qantas pet transportation, you should completely research the airline policies. These dog breeds are not allowed on all Qantas that travel worldwide.

How Much Does Qantas Airlines Pet Travel Cost?

Like most airline companies, the cost of Qantas pet travel will be determined by your route and the combined weight of your pet and travelling kennel. To get a quote on how much this will cost, Qantas has a direct line for pricing queries.

There is a limitation to how many pets you can take on your journey. You can have a maximum of two pets, and the weight must not exceed 65kg per animal. If the crate and the animal’s combined weight exceed this, you will need to pay the rate for an animal travelling on its own.


As with all pet-friendly airline providers, Qantas is passionate about families bringing their furry friends along for the flight. It’s important, however, that all passengers using this airline provider are aware of the security restrictions in place and abide by these when using their services. As a result of changes to the current Qantas pet travel booking policy, they do not accept direct bookings through their website. Customers are advised to consider using a pet relocation company for the flight arrangement of their animal, and they will consult with the airline provider directly. So, contact us if you are looking to book your pet travel with Qantas Airlines. We have been transporting pets to Australia from Qantas Airlines since 1994. We can handle all the required documentation for international pet travel, including rabies certificates, veterinary health checks, and import and export permits.

To make sure you are up to date with all the restrictions in place, you can view the checklist on the Qantas website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of pets are allowed on Qantas flights?

Qantas allows domesticated dogs, cats, and household birds to travel in the cabin or as manifest cargo. They do not allow reptiles, rodents, or spiders. Any animal must be at least 8 weeks old to fly.

Can I take my dog on the Qantas Airlines?

Yes, you can take your dog on Qantas Airlines flights, as long as you follow their pet travel requirements.

Can my dog fly in the cabin with me to Australia via Qantas?

Only service dogs are allowed in the cabin with Qantas flights. If your dog assists with your disability, they are allowed in the cabin. Otherwise, regular dogs must travel in the cargo section.

What paperwork do I need when traveling with a pet on Qantas?

You will need a current rabies vaccination certificate and animal health certificate for your pet. For international flights, you also need an import permit.

What kind of crate does my pet need for traveling cargo on Qantas?

Pets traveling as cargo must be in an IATA-approved rigid plastic or wood crate. The crate must allow the pet to stand up and turn around. Label the crate with your contact info.