ISO Microchips

ISO Microchips for Cat & Dog Relocation


What is a pet Microchip?

A microchip is a small electronic chip wrapped in a glass cylinder that is about the size as a grain of rice.  It’s implanted under pets skin.


What is an ISO Microchip?

ISO chips are special or different in that they are 15 digits long.  ISO refers to the ‘International Standards Organization. These chips are all the same size as other chips, like a large grain of rice. Usually they are implanted in a syringe and needle by a veterinarian, although the AVID chips do also get implanted by AFCD lay staff where necessary eg at HKIA Hong Kong Airport.


Is an ISO chip different to other microchips?

All dogs in Hong Kong require AVID 9 digit chips as part of Hong Kong’s Dog Licence rules and regulations as a matter of trying to prevent and exclude Rabies disease from the country. Some countries require ISO chips, others require iso-compatable chips. Some countries are satisfied with any microchip. Chip type depends on the country requirements.


What is all   the fuss about?

Worldwide pet identification. Pets flying around the world need to be identifiable for biosecurity. This means measures designed to protect the humans population against harmful biological or biochemical substances.

Your dog or cat’s health, what country you live, and the places you travel with your pet, all could cause biosecurity incidents, such as disease outbreaks. Don’t forget Rabies still is transmissible to people from pets, and Children in Africa and India etc die from it each year, as well as thousands of stray dogs and cats.


What is a ISO Microchip used for in pet relocation?

The ISO chips are the type which are recognized most internationally.

As they are only used in Asia for relocation rather than as part of our National Requirements, not all Hong Kong Clinics stock these chips. Please feel free to contact Ferndale Kennels team so we can recommend where you are able to find a veterinarian to implant these.

Of prime importance is their need for their usage for Singapore, and for the EU European Union countries.


Does it hurt to implant a microchip in a dog or cat?

Normally no, as long as the pet stays still and the veterinarian implants it in the correct place under the skin.


Can ISO microchips fail?

it’s rare but very occasionally  microchips can fail and then cant be detected by a scanner.  This can be due to chip malfunction, or the microchip to move out of place. For example the chip could migrate down your dog’s body from activity, over time , or other factors.

Where can I get an ISO microchip locally?

Give us a call at Ferndale on +852 2791 9330 in office hours, or email [email protected] and we can tell you where you can get one for your pet, as well as let you know if its required.

Apart from Microchipping, Ferndale can help with pets flying anywhere around the world.
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