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How to Find out My Pet’s Microchip Number?

Finding Out Pet’s Microchip Number


Microchips are an incredibly useful tool that have helped reunite copious amounts of pets and owners. Knowing your pet’s microchip is registered with your up-to-date contact details could be the difference between a pet lost forever or not. Microchips are an essential part of pet relocation as they are the legal link between the pet and the documents, its how we prove the paperwork relates to that individual pet.

There are several places that you can find your pet’s microchip number. These include:

1. A certificate from the database of which your pet’s number is stored
2. Your vet’s records of your pet
3. On your pet’s passport (if applicable)
4. On your pet’s insurance documents

Remember there can be different types of Microchips, for example in Hong Kong we have the AVID type that is linked to the Hong Kong dog license and is required to move to Hong Kong or keep a dog in Hong Kong. Also there is the ISO chip or international microchip, used internationally.

What to Do If You Cannot Find Your Pet’s Microchip Number

If you have no luck finding the number through the above documents then you can also do the following:

1. Contact the database that your pets number is stored in – for this you will usually need either names, addresses or phone numbers to search the database with. Make sure you use the information that would have been inputted when you first registered the microchip
2. Contact whoever carried out the procedure, if not your normal vet
3. Take your pet to be scanned at your local vet, dog warden or rescue centre

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Updating your Pet’s Microchip

Depending on the database your pet’s chip is registered to, you can usually search the chip number and see the contact information that is being held on it. You can then contact the database and ask for your details to be updated. Beware, this may come at a cost. Checking and regularly updating your pet’s microchip is an extremely important habit to get into and really does make the difference to being reunited with your pet if it is ever to go missing.

In Hong Kong the only real database is the AFCD record of microchips, which does need to be correct and up to date for export.


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