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Why Choose USA for Pet Relocation:

Moving to the USA with your pets can be an exciting adventure, whether you’re returning home or starting a new life in pursuit of the “American Dream.”

The US is an amazingly pet-friendly country where dogs and cats are welcomed in restaurants and hotels. There are also tons of wide open spaces, perfect for your pets to run around and play.

At Ferndale Kennels, we understand the importance of ensuring a seamless and stress-free pet relocation process. Whether you’re moving to bustling New York City or taking some relaxing time out in the countryside, we’re here to assist you in preparations for smooth pet relocation to USA.

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Two Options for Pet Travel to the USA: Cargo or Excess Baggage

When it comes to pet travel to the USA, there are two main options: cargo or excess baggage.

Cargo travel involves checking in your pets at the cargo terminal, while excess baggage allows you to check them in at the passenger terminal of Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). It’s important to note that different countries have varying regulations regarding pet travel as excess baggage. However, for travel to the USA, it is permitted.

Cargo or Excess Baggage for Pet Travel to the USA

Understanding the Difference Between Cargo and Excess Baggage


Cargo travel is calculated based on the volumetric weight of the pet crate, taking into account its dimensions (length, height, and width). This means that a larger dog will normally cost you more in flights. In contrast, excess baggage is calculated based on the physical weight of the pet, similar to a second suitcase. Generally, excess baggage pet travel tends to be more cost-effective. Using this option means that they have a dedicated pet space in the hold which is comfortable and temperature controlled so they will have a relaxing trip, just like you.

Check-In Time

Cargo bookings typically require pets to be checked in around 5 hours before the flight, while excess baggage bookings allow check-in around 2 hours prior to departure so they can arrive at the airport at the same time as you. This means that pets travelling in excess baggage spend less time waiting before their journey.

Staff Training

On the other hand, cargo terminals usually have staff members who are more familiar with pet relocation procedures. In comparison, staff at passenger airport terminals may have varying levels of familiarity with handling pets. However, this can vary depending on the airline and airport. Because lots of animals, including larger, more exotic animals, will be checked to travel as cargo, the staff there will be more equipped if your pet has complex needs or requires medical attention.

Accompanied vs. Unaccompanied

Excess baggage requires a passenger to accompany the pets on the same flight. This depends on the schedule and availability of pet owners. It’s sometimes difficult to set a date when you and your pet can fly together – but we can help with that.

On the other hand, cargo travel allows for pets to be sent separately and received by a family member, friend, or boarding facility at the destination, providing more flexibility during busy relocation times. This means that they can travel before or after you if that makes more sense for your schedule.

Pet Clearance and Receival

Clearing pets as excess baggage is relatively straightforward, as the pet owner travels on the same flight. Cargo terminal clearance can be more complex and may require the assistance of a specialist pet relocation company due to the intricacies involved.

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Flight Safety and Care in the Air During Pet Relocation USA

Regardless of the chosen method, both cargo and excess baggage options ensure the pet safety and well-being of your companion during the journey. Pets are transported in the same designated area of the aircraft, under the care of the airline staff.

Our Recommendations for a Smooth Pet Relocation to the USA

The choice between cargo and excess baggage ultimately depends on your specific requirements and preferences when it comes to pet shipping. At Ferndale Kennels, we provide personalized advice and guidance to help you make the right decision for your pets’ relocation needs. Our experienced team is available to assist you via telephone or email, ensuring that you have all the necessary information to make an informed choice regarding pet shipping.

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Additional Requirements for Pet Shipping to USA

In addition to the travel arrangements, it’s essential to fulfil other requirements for pet relocation to the USA.

This includes obtaining an international health certificate for your pets, which must meet the standards for both leaving the country of origin and entering the USA. Be sure to consider any specific requirements set by the airline as well. It is also crucial to acclimate your pets to the travel crate before the journey, making it a familiar and comforting space for them during the flight.

Our team is happy to help with crate training ahead of the flight and we can advise on any veterinary appointments that you’ll need to make.

Before pet transporting, your companion must have a microchip and Rabies vaccination. There are several other vaccinations that are recommended for travel to the USA. Your vet will be able to provide a certificate to show that your pet has all of the right treatment and is fit and well to fly before you board the plane.

requirements for pet relocation to the USA

Count on Ferndale Kennels for a Hassle-Free Pet Relocation to the USA

At Ferndale Kennels, we have extensive experience in providing professional and reliable pet relocation services to the USA. Our dedicated team collaborates with trusted partners to ensure a smooth customs clearance process and offer door-to-door delivery services throughout the USA. Whether you’re moving to New York, Los Angeles, or any other city, we have the expertise to make your pet’s journey safe and comfortable.

Contact us today to receive a free quote and let us assist you in making your pet’s relocation to the USA a hassle-free and memorable experience.

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Our Customer Reviews

From start to finish, Ferndale was so excellent. I was shipping a family member’s 4 cats from Hong Kong to the US and we were all a bit nervous about the long flight(s) for them. Ferndale really thought of everything and made the process much easier than expected. They kept us updated with pictures on the day of and you could tell everyone really cares about the animals they handle. I would highly recommend their service to anyone.

We had to bring our two dogs over to HK from US. Huge shoutout and thanks to Ferndale - without them we wouldn’t be happily live with our dogs now. They are not just simply make necessary applications and clearance. They keep monitoring the process and find and ask to correct mistakes. We are so glad we made the right choice. Thank you everyone including the driver who helped deliver the dogs, super nice guy too.

Great service! We recently brought our dog Mia from the US to Hong Kong and she arrived safely, we will use them again for sure

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the options for traveling with pets to the USA?

When traveling with pets to the USA, you have two main options: cargo or excess baggage.

What documents do I need to bring my pet to the USA?

You will need an international health certificate for your pet, meeting both the standards of the origin country and the USA. Additionally, ensure your pet is microchipped and has up-to-date vaccinations, including rabies.

Is it safer for my pet to travel as cargo or excess baggage?

Regardless of the chosen method, both cargo and excess baggage options ensure the safety and well-being of your pets during the journey. Pets are transported in the same designated area of the aircraft, under the care of airline staff.

Are certain breeds of dogs restricted from entering USA?

Yes, certain breeds of dogs are restricted from entering the USA. The restrictions vary depending on state and local regulations. Some common breeds that may face restrictions include Pit Bulls, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and Rottweilers.

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