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Cat and Dog Relocation & Shipping to Portugal


Many people relocate with pets to Portugal. Portugal is popular gateway to Europe recently, people obtaining Portuguese nationality by Investments in the country or through ties to Macau.

Portugal as a member of the EU is governed by the same rules on pet relocation. Its recommended to use a specialist Pet relocation company to help with the multiple documents required by the EU.

Pet owners must arrive within five days of their dogs and cats, otherwise the shipping will be treated as a commercial move. For a commercial move there are involved some additional costs and quite different regulations.

Ferndale Kennels can help you with every step of the shipping move:-

  • getting ISO microchips and vaccines;
  • preparing EU and country specific documents;
  • getting these certified by veterinarians and government officials;
  • door to door assistance with the crate transportation.
  • Crate supply
  • Vaccine cards
  • Expediting dog licences (express dog licence)
  • Blood tests if required

Please feel free to contact Ferndale Kennel for a quotation on your move.

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