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Cat and Dog Transportation Services


At Ferndale, our goal is to provide our boarding guests with a comfortable and enjoyable stay. This starts with the ride to the facility and we have a convenient and safe pick-up service, using our own vehicles and own driving staff for peace of mind.


At Ferndale Kennels are staff are all animal lovers and we go the extra mile to make sure your fur babies are happy and comfortable!
To ensure this, animals arriving at the kennel or leaving our pet boarding facility ride in comfort with our experienced animal mover driver.
We transport pets in our Toyota Hiace’s, these vans have AC in both the front and middle sections to be sure the ride is cool.
Our transport fee is based on the location, we don’t charge extra if you have more than one pet.
Pick up and Drop off times are generally within the periods 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday (we don’t have driver service on Weekends and Public Holidays)- occasionally we can come slightly earlier.
The exact pick up and drop off times will be arranged by Ferndale the week before the boarding stay, in conjunction with your requirements.
Please don’t feed your dog or cat 2 hours before the pick up service to avoid any travel sickness.
Our driver will wait for your pets downstairs, and will not come up to the flat in your building- this is because parking on the road-side is challenging in Hong Kong and normally only one staff is in the vehicle.

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