Pet Relocation Documentation and Certificates

Cat & Dog Relocation Documentation and Certificates


Pet Transport to many different international cities and countries is possible to do safely and smoothly with the right preparation.

Each country has many rules on the different documentation and certifications it needs. As well as needing to show the documents on arrival in a new Country, you need to show them to the Airline, and to the Local government departments before exiting a country.

The reason for this is that each country has different rules on what animals they allow into their countries, or what diseases they must be vaccinated against or tested for.

Sometimes this is for biosecurity (stopping disease transport) but sometimes this is for other reasons such as safely (some more potentially dangerous or aggressive breeds or species are banned in some countries).

There are some documents that are internationally required such as CITES permits- CITES is a multilateral treaty to protect endangered plants and animals.

The airlines follow IATA documents and rules ( International Air Transport Association is a trade association of the world’s airlines).

So pet relocation is affected by all of these different types of rules and regulations and the documents that pets travel with reflect this complexity.

Health Certificates from Veterinarians are also required, this is assessment of ‘Safety to travel’ i.e. a Doctor’s medical note, but it also confirms that certain Diseases are not present or that steps have been done to prevent them (eg giving intestinal worm prevention, for example).

Ferndale Kennels has 20 years experience of dealing with Documentation and Certificates relating to pet travel, and so we are able to give you the right advice on what paperwork needs to be completed and on what time frame and how. Contact us for any help and assistance! Please fill in the shipping enquiry form on our homepage or in the import-export section.