Custom containers

Custom Containers for Cat & Dog Relocation


For your pets’ travel, the container or crate’s used must meet the IATA standards in the aircraft cabin. The crate’s materials, size, frame and sides must meet the principles of design outlined by General Container Requirements of IATA.

Container Requirements of IATA include but are not limited to the following:
• The crate construction can be Fibreglass, metal, rigid plastics, weld metal mesh, solid wood or plywood.
• For wooden containers, an outer frame of 2.5 cm × 7.5 cm (1 inch × 3 inch) lumber screwed  together and lined with solid wood or plywood sides is acceptable.
• There are specific rules about crate material, flooring, roofing, vetilation etc which legally must be adhered to for safety’s sake.
• If the rules are not followed the pet will not be allowed to fly by the airline.
• If a container has wheels, they must be removed or rendered inoperable.
• The floor must be solid and leak-proof.

Pet crate

Crate made entirely of welded mesh or wires are not suitable for air transport. Rigid plastic crates are suitable for most breeds of dogs, but some may not be suitable for large dogs or aggressive dog. Specially constructed crates of wooden, metal, plywood or similar material, with two secure door fasteners on each side are acceptable. For certain species or certain breeds we may help create a custom container for transport. If crates are too small pets can feel cramped, and if crates are too big dogs or cats may not feel secure. By choosing the exact right crate size and type for your pet, Ferndale’s experience can help your pet be comfortable on their flight.

The airway bill ticket determines the cost of flying your dog or cat with the airline and is dependent on the volume of the crate in which pets travel, so custom crates and getting the size right occasionally can save money for you, but more importantly keeps your pet more comfortable on the journey.

How to meet the crate size and measure your pets?

Measurements as follows for cat/ dog base on standing position: (see diagram below)
Length from A – B Nose to base of tail (not including tail)
Height from C – D Top of head to ground or from tip of ear to ground (for pointy ears pets)
Width widest part across shoulder

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