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Cat and Dog Relocation & Shipping to Europe


Pet relocation to Europe (countries within the European Union, or E.U.) is one of the international destinations Ferndale Kennels can assist with.
The European Union includes 28 member countries that are located in Europe. It includes for example, France, Germany, Italy as well as many others.
Pets travelling to Europe need a E.U. Health Certificate document, signed off by the veterinarian in the origin country. Pets travelling to Europe also need to be implanted with an ISO type microchip. Depending on the destination country, (and whether its a dog or a cat that will fly) they may need treatment for internal parasites also.

How to organise moving with pets to Europe.

Organizing pet relocation to Europe involves a good deal of preparation and time, as well as research.
There is a five days rule for organising your own travel to Europe, within the timeframe of your pet’s travel, to classify the move as a non-commercial pet shipment and allow the pet relocation to be approved.
As with moves to any destination, when you are considering a move to Europe with your pets, do contact us first for initial advice. Next step is to contact your veterinarian for discussing your pets health and checking if on principle your babies are safe and healthy enough for travel.
Also, work with us to help you get your pets trained for travel crates. Animal behaviorists and veterinarians have shown that if dogs and cats see the travel kennel (crate) as a safe place, they will have less stress during the long flight.


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