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Here at Ferndale Kennels & Cattery, we have been caring for pets in Hong Kong for 3 decades. We understand that leaving your precious pets in the care of others can be a worrying decision. That’s why we aim to be Hong Kong’s most trustworthy and reliable pet boarding service. All of our staff are very experienced animal lovers. We can also provide daily veterinary attendance should our guests require it.


Our pet boarding service in Hong Kong provides comfortable and caring accommodation for pets during their stay. We understand the importance of providing a welcoming environment for pets, and our dedicated staff is committed to ensuring their well-being. We operate a modern facility specially designed for pets, ensuring they have everything they need for a positive boarding experience. We have 33 individual rooms for large, medium, and small dogs (A/C or Fan options) and an air-conditioned indoor cattery for cat boarding. Owners of more than one pet may board them together, although dogs and cats must be boarded separately.

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In our dog boarding facility, your pets get a chance to enjoy playing in the grass and have a holiday themselves, whilst you are out of town. Many of our individual kennels have an indoor sleeping area, and an outside run adjacent. All the inside areas have summerwinds beds which are raised off the floor to ensure the dogs can rest in comfort and watch the other dogs play in our garden. During the day the dogs can come out of their kennels a number of times to play.

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Our pet boarding service in Hong Kong offers a specifically designed cattery area to cater to the needs of cats. As part of our premium cat boarding service, we have multiple private suites for cats. Our cattery was refitted in 2021.

Each room is equipped with a designated separate litter tray area to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. Each room has a bed or blanket, offering a warm and comfortable spot for your cat to rest and relax. The bedding is cleaned regularly to ensure a fresh and inviting space. Cats love to climb and perch. Our cattery rooms feature more than one height level, allowing your cat to satisfy their natural instincts. Our cattery rooms are designed to receive natural light. Proper ventilation ensures a fresh environment, contributing to your cat’s overall comfort. Nowhere in our cattery will you find any bars or wire netting.


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Our modern pet boarding facility in Hong Kong offers grooming services to keep pets clean, tangle-free, and feeling their best during their stay. Pets boarding with us are regularly brushed and combed. For certain breeds, however, such as Old English Sheepdogs, Afghan Hounds, Pomeranians, Persians, Himalayans, etc., an additional charge will be made.

Additionally, at our pet-sitting service, we recommend that, during summer boarding, long-haired dog breeds are cut short; we can arrange this service for you if required.

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We know how much you love your furry friends, and we’re here to make things easier for you. That’s why we also provide a pick-up and delivery service to all parts of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, which is priced according to the distance involved.

Clients living on the outlying Islands can be met at the appropriate Ferry Pier. We have no pet pick-up service on Weekends or Public holidays.


Why Choose Ferndale for Pet Boarding Service in Hong Kong?

Professional Care

Our staff are fully trained and experienced in providing the highest standards of professional pet care. Whether your pet needs medication, grooming assistance, or special dietary requirements, our team is well-versed in individual pet needs. You can trust that your furry companion receives attentive care, exercise, playtime, and monitoring for any health or behavioural changes.

Secure Facility

Our kennel and cattery provide a safe and secure environment for pets during their stay. Large indoor-outdoor areas are carefully designed and escape-proofed. Regular facility checks and cleaning ensure strict hygiene standards are always maintained. We understand pets can feel uneasy in new places, so our premium secure facility is designed to provide pets with a comforting space.

Social Interaction

One way to make pets stay happy and well-adjusted is by providing positive social interaction during pet boarding. If your dog gets on well with others, we will carefully trial them to see if they can play with some other boarders during their stay with us. We normally will also let the dogs take turns socializing with our staff in the office each day.

Peace of Mind

When traveling for work or leisure, it’s natural to worry about leaving pets behind. Our pet boarding service regularly updates you to know your dog or cat is happy and well cared for. Our 3 decades of experience means we are experts at managing any issues that could arise. You can also communicate for updates about eating, playing, and sleeping habits to confirm that your furry friend is fine during your absence.


Our pet boarding service is located in the New Territories (Sai Kung) for extra outdoor space for play, grass walks, and fresh air! Pets are on holiday, just like you are! Ferndale offers the driver service for the convenience of dropping off and picking up your beloved pets without hassle.

Veterinary Care Access

At our pet boarding facility, we prioritize the health and well-being of your beloved pets. We offer the added advantage of having our vet (owner) visit often to keep an eye on the animal’s health. Your pets will receive comprehensive medical attention if needed from our experienced veterinarians, ensuring their health needs are met throughout their stay. You can be worry-free that your pet is in capable hands.

Contact Us Now for Exceptional Pet Boarding Services in Hong Kong

Don’t settle for anything less than exceptional care for your furry companions! Contact us now via email or phone or fill out the form below to secure our top-notch pet boarding service in Hong Kong. Our dedicated team is ready to answer your inquiries and assist you in reserving a spot for your beloved pets. Whether a short or an extended vacation, our facility ensures your furry friends a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable stay.

And remember, if you’re planning to relocate internationally, we also offer professional pet relocation services to different countries. Reach out to us today, and let us take care of your pets while you take care of your plans. Your pets’ happiness and well-being are our top priorities!

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Boarding Price List


Prices in dollars per day Small Dog (under 10kg) Medium Dog (10-<20kg) Large Dog   (20-<30kg) Large Dog   (30-<40kg) Giant Dog (40kg+)
Non A/C boarding off peak 250 250 250 295 330
Non A/C boarding peak 290 300 330 360 470
Aircon Rooms off peak 320 350 350 400 430
Aircon Rooms peak 400 460 460 505 580


Prices in dollars per day
Off Peak 250
Peak 280
Medication : $40/Day
Bath fee : Cat : NA Dog : $180/ time
**free if pet relocation clients or bill over $10K
Pick up service: (one-way) *not on weekend and public holidays
Location Price
HK Island (North side) 400/ 800
HK Island (Southside) 460/ 920
Kowloon 360/ 720
New Territories 360/ 720
Sai Kung / Clearwater Bay 280/ 560
Tung Chung 440/ 880
Discovery Bay 520/ 1040
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are your boarding facilities like?

    Our pet boarding facilities are designed to provide your pets with a comfortable and secure environment. We offer spacious and clean individual kennels & catteries with cozy bedding and air conditioners to ensure their comfort. Our facility also includes designated play areas and outdoor spaces for exercise and socialization.

    Do you provide food for the pets during their stay?

    Yes, we provide high-quality and nutritious pet food during your pet's stay. However, if your pet has specific dietary requirements or preferences, we encourage you to bring their regular food to maintain their routine.

    How often are the pets exercised and given attention?

    We understand the importance of exercise and human interaction for pets. Our dedicated staff members provide regular exercise sessions and playtime for the pets in our care.

    What if my pet requires medical attention during their stay?

    Our kennel and cattery is owned by an experienced veterinarian. We can arrange for the vet to examine and provide necessary care for your pet if there are any medical concerns or emergencies.

    Can I bring personal belongings for my pet?

    Absolutely! We encourage you to bring your pet's familiar items, such as bedding, toys, and favorite treats. These belongings will help create a sense of familiarity and comfort for your pet.

    How can I arrange for my pet's boarding reservation?

    To make a reservation, contact our customer service via +852 2792 4642 or fill out the boarding form below. When you get our customer service, they will guide you through the reservation process, provide information on availability, and answer any other questions.