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Cat and Dog Relocation & Shipping to New Zealand


When relocating pets to New Zealand, Ferndale Kennel provides a comprehensive door-to-door export service; or we can help you with any bespoke quotation, if you have done or plan to do some of the steps yourself.

Quarantine period:

For all cats and dogs imported to  New Zealand, they have a mandatory quarantine period- they need a minimum 10 days on arrival at the quarantine in Auckland. They must be cleared for entry into New Zealand (Australian cats or dogs only) or transferred to a quarantine facility (all other countries) from either Auckland or Christchurch Airport. Unfortunately, from the 22 October 2017, cats and dogs from ALL countries (including Australia) can no longer fly into Wellington Airport.

New Zealand Import Requirements:

For Dogs and Cats to enter New Zealand, they must have had a rabies vaccination and ISO Microchip at least 6 months prior to shipment and before or at same time as the most recent vaccinations. Moreover, their Rabies Neutralising Antibody Titre Test (RNATT) blood test, and certified applications of internal and external parasite treatments must be done at least 3 months prior to Cats and dogs departure. For dog’s rabies vaccination, they must be over 3 months of age at time of first vaccination. In addition, they will also need to produce a negative result on blood test for Babesia, Brucellosis, Leptospirosis, and Heartworm, all tests being run at approved international Laboratories (generally not in Hong Kong local private labs).


Ferndale top tips for pet relocation to New Zealand:

Contact us early if you are considering a move to New Zealand. You will be advised to get a RNATT blood test done early which we can advise you when and where to do. Please don’t test this until talking to us, and our staff have checked if your pets current rabies vaccine is considered acceptable by the New Zealand government.

You are also advised for dogs who do any hill walks and hiking, to do your best to avoid tick bites which can carry Babesia. Call us to learn more about how to test and how to prevent this.


How Ferndale can assist you and your pets:

Once you decide to use our services we will do the rest which includes arranging the schedule and location of the vet work, working with your vet for booking all the vet appointments, preparing and certifying all documentations and performing the flight booking. Ferndale customers pet travel expert will apply for the import permit, reserve quarantine space in New Zealand, help with planning all veterinary requirements and assist you through each stage of the procedure. So if you are interested in pet relocation for your dogs and cats to New Zealand, we can hold your hand from start to finish.

New Zealand do have some of the most strict requirements on importing pets,  and so the procedure may take time, so plan ahead; at least 6 months notice is helpful!   if you’re interested in the price of our service and the travelling details, please fill your pet details through our Shipping Enquiry on our website ASAP for your free estimation! Our team is pleased to assist you!
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