What will happen with our dog once we are checked in, he flies Excess baggage?

Q: We are flying our dog as excess baggage, very concerned about the heat and are specifically wondering what will happen with our dog once we are checked in (ie. will you be with him from check-in until loading into the aircraft)? I am worried about our pet being left in the heat for the prior hours before and his water bowl being empty from being moved around.


A:  Please note that when flying with your pet as excess baggage, they will remain in the passenger terminal, with AC until the very last moment when they get loaded, they are not left in the outside heat. Our staff wait with him until the airline staff take him down to the planes perhaps one hour before flight. Also the water bottles with the cage will give a constant supply of water.

He will be in the cargo hold, so there wouldn’t be anyone there with him during the flight.

If flying excess baggage then they stay in the check in counter area till shortly before boarding where they are taken straight directly to the aircraft for loading and are the last ones to be loaded and then the first to be taken off at the other side. You collect him from the oversize baggage counter in the destination country.