Our Client Stories

Cookie travelling to Hong Kong and return back to Singapore (Nov 2023)

Deciding to fly Cookie to HK for brain tumour treatment was a tough and nerve wrecking decision to make because he had never travelled overseas and the importation procedures appeared daunting – we weren’t sure if we would miss out anything and Cookie needed treatment urgently. After a quick search online, we decided to engage Ferndale to assist us with Cookie’s transfer to HK for treatment and also his subsequent return to SG. It was a decision we never regretted! Ferndale was responsive right from the start when we were making enquiries and they gave very detailed advice with regards to speeding up Cookie’s return to SG by taking the rabies titre test in advance before his treatment. Through Ferndale’s express service for rabies titre test, we were able to get Cookie’s result back much faster to facilitate his return back to Singapore at the earliest time after treatment. The professionalism of Ferndale’s staff certainly deserves special mention. Steve, Fiona, Jayden and Christy who helped with Cookie’s case were extremely helpful and prompt in facilitating the import and export arrangements and coordinating with the hospital for Cookie’s blood test and pick up for his return flight. This saved a lot of effort on our part. Ricky, who picked Cookie up during his airport transfers was very thoughtful and gave constant updates on Cookie’s well-being which was very assuring for us. His kind words of encouragement for Cookie’s treatment were also much appreciated. We are immensely grateful for Ferndale’s assistance in making Cookie’s journey such a hassle-free one for us. Thank you!!