Our Client Stories

Kanon's holidays at Ferndale's

Dear Daisy and Ferndale staff,

I would like to thank you for giving loving care for Kanon, that made the whole family happy and relieved during our summer vacation!!

We came to Hong Kong recently, and would like to enjoy travelling around while we're here, but leaving Kanon was such a big worry for the whole family.  Kanon needs a special care for medication and that was our primary concern, but when we visited you before deciding where to board her, your considerable words and understanding to her disease made us so sure, that Ferndale was the place for her!

Pick up and drive back service was so prompt, and we really appreciate for that too.  Thank you also for sending photos of her, looking so happy and relaxed with other friends!

Thank you very much and Kanon will certainly look forward to seeing you all again!


Kindest regards,

Hanako Nakagawa

Resident in Hong Kong


Kanon & his bud sharing a bed in Ferndale's office!