Our Client Stories

Mittens moving to New York, USA (June 2022)

We are so happy with the caring and professional services that Ferndale team has provided us. In the last 1-2 months of our international move, we faced many unforeseen changes due to COVID-19 and overall flight cancellations. Throughout these changes, Ferndale team was very responsive and helpful. Though originally we planned on bringing our cat in the cargo as excess baggage with Qatar, we ended up finding an in-cabin ticket with Korean Air and honestly, this was the best part of our move as we got see our baby throughout the 22+ hrs of flight and make sure he was doing ok. Another plus was that Ferndale staff meets you at the Hong Kong Airport and help you check in your pet and the whole process was stress free. At the Incheon airport in Korea, they do make you go through an additional round of security but they will let you handle your cat/dog and you can go through the X-ray together (the same process at the Hong Kong airport). Overall, we're very happy that we chose to work with Ferndale as they take off the additional burden and stress of moving internationally with a pet. We would like to thank Christy and Dr. Matthew again for their kind services!