Our Client Stories

Green Pea, Green Pepper, Max and Mara Miller-Chung

Dear Stacy and Carmen,

Hope you are both happy and well. Greetings from Bob and Carol, Green Pea, Green Pepper and Max and Mara from Anacortes, Washinton USA. It's hard to believe that only one week ago we were eagerly and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our animal babies at our new home in the States.  Wanted to let you know that all arrived safely and well.  The cats have quickly taken to their new home and are enjoying the numerous sunbeams on our floors.  The dogs took a bit longer to overcome jet lag and get on local time, but they are 95% there now and also enjoying their new suburban and cooler neighborhood.

We would like to offer our sincere appreciation for all of your efforts on our behalf to transport our pets from Hong Kong to Washington state.  Doing a job well is one thing; doing it with care and understanding for the animals (as well as their parents) as Ferndale Kennels and Cattery have done puts you in a very special league.  Moving the pets was the most personally stressful part of our household move.  We slept a bit better, however, knowing that you were overseeing this important process.

From the first day we met you and had a firsthand chance to tour your kennels we knew we made the right decision.  The boarding facilities for both our dogs and cats were roomy and the kennel grounds were very clean.  It was obvious in talking with you that aside from running a business you also had a love for dogs and cats and would look after their welfare and happiness.  Accommodating our senior dogs' and cats' diets was a real plus.  Even the gentleness shown by your colleague that collected the pets made us feel better.  And we got a bit misty to note on the pets' travel crates when they arrived home the message you placed asking all that handled them during transport to be careful because the animals might be scared.

Stacy, many thanks.  Job very well done.  Carmen, thank you too for all of the excellent administrative stuff you managed us through with your guidance and patience.

We also want to let you know, Stacy, that Christa and Bruno of your associate company Animaltravel in Vancouver, Canada did a first-rate job in keeping us informed at this end and delivering our babies safely to our doorstep.  They too, are to be commended for their fine work.

It takes special people and special companies to make the job of pet owners easier and less stressful on long distances moves such as ours.  You, Stacy and Carmen, and Ferndale Kennels and Cattery rank high in that "Special" category.


Again, thank you.

With kindest regards,

Bob & Carol Miller-Chung

Anacortes, WA  USA

October 2010