Our Client Stories

Toshi Bogaars

Dear Daisy and all at Ferndale -

Toshi arrived safely yesterday and he was very calm and relaxed when we picked him up. His food was a bit wet as water had spilled in it but there was lots of him to eat and plenty of water to drink. He had all his toys and was wrapped up in his blue blanket. He was very happy to see us and has been enjoying sitting in our laps getting patting and love.

Thank you so much for all your care and dedication, We were so worried that something would go wrong with moving Toshi to California.  We needn't have been - you took the stress out of everything.

Happy New Year to everyone at Ferndale, may the new year bring you continued success!

Tina, Steve, Adele, Audrey, Ian and of course, Toshi.

Hong Kong to Los Angeles December 2013