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Lady Topaz holidays with Ferndale's

Lady Topaz Pikake Noell

We adopted Lady Topaz, an English shorthair cat, from the Hong Kong SPCA in April 2012 when she was 4 years old and it was clear that she had some real needs. So when it came time for our first overseas holiday in September 2012, we were very concerned about boarding her for an extended period. We had been told that Ferndale was the best place to board a cat in Hong Kong and so we made arrangements with Ferndale to take care of Lady Topaz for the 2 weeks we were overseas.

As we somewhat expected, Lady Topaz was extremely unsettled at first when she got to Ferndale. Equally, we were very concerned about her as we started our holiday. However, Daisy and the Ferndale staff were fantastic. They took tremendous care of Lady Topaz and she gradually started to settle in at the cattery. Equally, they made sure to keep us updated on her condition, including sending through photos, so that we were able to relax and enjoy our much needed holiday.

Since that trip, we have boarded Lady Topaz at Ferndale numerous times, most recently in September 2014. Each time, Daisy and the rest of the staff have been very accommodating to our requests and have taken great care of Lady Topaz and over time Lady Topaz has become more comfortable with staying at Ferndale. This is a testament to the care and attention that she has been given by the team.

For anyone looking to board their cat in Hong Kong, we would wholeheartedly recommend Ferndale and only suggest that inquiries be made well in advance, as there is great demand for their services, particularly during popular holiday seasons.

Joel & Tomoe Noell