Our Client Stories

Relocating my chihuahua to Worcester, UK from Hong Kong- Turkish Airlines then Pet Taxi (March 2022)

My chihuahua (Dicky) and I sort the help of Ferndale for our move from Hong Kong to the UK because I was concerned about doing all of the paper work by myself. As Dicky is very small he was able to fly with me in the cabin from HK to Istanbul, from Istanbul to Paris and from there we hired a UK based pet taxi service to take us to the UK.

From start to finish, everyone at Ferndale was absolutely fantastic with clear communication about the entire process which allowed me to relax and plan the other aspects of the move.

Special thanks in particular must also go to Christy for her care and assistance as I became increasingly frustrated with the various flight changes and cancellations.

Thank you so much to Christy, Dr Matt and everyone else for a perfectly planned operation. Dick is now settling in with his grandma.