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moving Buddy our pug to the UK (flat nosed breed special!)

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We had had our Pug puppy Buddy about 3 months when i read it is very difficult
for them to fly, it was heavily documented that the flat nosed breeds like Pugs
can have health issues and has lead to many airlines not carrying them. So as
an ex pat living in Hong Kong I worried that one day we might be faced with
returning to the UK and how would we get Buddy back with us. For me it
definitely took the shine off having a new puppy, what had we done?

Researching the move

Three years later we were moving back and the anxiety, not around moving
because we knew it was the right thing for our family but potentially not being
able to bring Buddy my (healthy maybe a little overweight) 3 year old Pug who
we adore, was heartbreaking. I researched all manner of possible scenarios
transporting him by air, sea, rail and even road if we had to, there was no way
we were leaving him behind.

Choosing a pet relocation company

Once we had our potential leave dates confirmed dates, I decided to contact a pet

relocation company to see what they could do
to help. We had never used one before so had no previous experience to
compare with. Not sure if I stressed enough how important our family pet was
to us I thought that was a given, but we were looking for someone to appreciate
our circumstances, understand our needs and do what they could (as if it was
their own pet) to get him there safely. From the three replies it was only
Ferndale that put the effort in to establish the situation, make us feel like they
were really there to help and treat our beloved pet like he was the living and
breathing cherished pet he was and not a parcel with a pay cheque. This made
the decision to go with Ferndale very easy.


The communications that followed
were reassuring and plentiful. I probably sounded like an overbearing dog
parent in my emails but they never made me feel like it and took the time to
reply promptly and with compassion every time. The options they gave us
began to make us feel a little more relaxed. We already knew there were many
complications with flying Pugs from Hong Kong to UK. Many airlines we’ve used
ourselves in the past just refused to fly flat nosed breeds. Others say they are
too big to go in a cabin and pet cargo rules flying in to UK means he couldn’t
anyway. The breathing issues could be made worse in summer months and the
length of the journey, so many obstacles and knowing all of this caused us a lot
of anxiety. Anyway, Ferndale very quickly managed to alleviate this and find the
only airline (Lufthansa) and route that we could use which was two consecutive
flights changing at Frankfurt. Once I got my head around that this might even
be possible the worry started to set in about what a journey my little boy had
ahead on his own and having never done anything like this, how would my
precious (definitely spoiled) pooch cope in a crate (which he had never been in
before) for that length of time. I continued to bombard Carmen with questions
and then our dates changed and yet she was still always there, happy to help
and adjust things to suit our needs.

The timeline

They laid the process out clearly for me with dates and times etc and bearing in
mind we were shipping our whole family and lives, there was a lot to do around
that time so them taking this completely out of our hands was very helpful
They came out to us to give medication and processed and checked all the
documentation themselves. Ferndale really made it easy for us, as the
underlying worry of whether he would still be ok flying was enough to bare.


The move day

We followed every tip and all the advice and when it came to move day although
we were understandably a little apprehensive and a little upset when we said
goodbye, Buddy was absolutely fine. The guy who picked him up was very
professional but appeared to care too which really helped. Buddy’s journey
started hours before mine as there was paperwork for Ferndale to do before he
was allowed to fly. I decided to fly on the same flight and opt for the update of
his journey at Frankfurt just for peace of mind and so when he arrived at the
other end we weren’t apart a minute longer than necessary. Flying knowing he
was in the cargo made me very aware of every noise and bump and turbulence
on the flight but once i got to Frankfurt it was the update that mattered, did he
survive? Was he ok? The relief when I heard from them was over whelming,
we had opted for a photo too so I could see him waiting in the pet lounge haha
for his next flight. I immediately updated the family who were all waiting on
tender hooks, but his journey wasn’t over yet. What was going though his little
mind, he had traveled fine in cars before but to go back onto another noisy
flight, oh my poor baby. Anyway it was a shorter second flight and I flew
through the airport in Manchester heading straight for the pet cargo office to
pick him up.


I had to wait a short time for him but then he arrived.. wagging his
tail as if nothing had happened, just pleased to see us as always. Feeling
relieved is an understatement like a whole weight had been lifted off our
shoulders. What a journey! This had all been made so much easier by Ferndale
I couldn’t thank them enough. I actually felt they cared enough to send Carmen
an update on how Buddy was doing in his new home and I think she
appreciated it. The Uk weather in February is very different to Hong Kong but
apart from when it rains he enjoys his walks along the canal pathway and in the
woods, he has much more freedom in UK he can run and play on beaches and in
parks and loves spending time with his daschund cousins and when it’s cold he
loves nothing more than curling up in front of a roaring fire. His journey here is
now 2 years ago and behind us now but the experience we had was so positive I
am still happy to sing the praises of Ferndale to anyone who asks. So please
keep doing what you’re doing I know not everyone is a crazy pet lover like me
but everyone appreciates good services and we certainly got that.

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