Our Client Stories

2 Chihuahua's come to Hong Kong (November 2018)

My husband and I relocated to Hong Kong from Colorado, USA about two weeks ago and I hired Ferndale to help with moving our two small dogs to Hong Kong. I asked them to take care of the Hong Kong side, as I could take care of the USA side.

Carmen, at Ferndale shipping, helped me with every to-do list item and looked over all of my paperwork. She was very communicative and even found minor errors that the USDA vet made with the paperwork that I was able to fix before dropping the dogs off at Cathay Cargo.

The dogs came with my husband and I on our Cathay flight from LAX to Hong Kong and were in cargo for the flight. I was very nervous about them and after they landed, they had to be rechipped in Hong Kong. I went to our flat and waited for word from Ferndale. I received photos from Alan, who was transporting them from the airport to our flat. I was so happy to see them by photo and know that they were ok. Alan then brought them to my building and was very helpful getting them out of their crates and helping me transfer the crates into the building.

In the future, I will be hiring Ferndale to do all of the transportation details. Although I am glad that I was able to do it myself on the USA side, this is their business and they are very good at it. You can email or call them in WhatsApp to get a quote.

Thank you Carmen and Alan!