Our Client Stories

Sahara & Casa Leggett

I just want to say what a great job Ferndale did with boarding my two cats (including my very nervous Siamese) and then shipping them from Hong Kong to Vienna, Austria. I was far more concerned about my two cats being shipped than everything else put together but everything about the process went smoothly and helped to put my mind at rest.

Carmen responded to all emails promptly and never seemed to tire of my endless questions and concerns.

During their 5 weeks of boarding when I was in the UK, Daisy sent me photos of the girls to show me that they were ok and happy.

On the day of the flight, Carmen emailed me to tell me that the girls were on the flight safely and she even called Frankfurt animal lounge (where they had a layover) to check they were ok before emailing me to let me know.

When the girls finally arrived, Casa (my street cat) walked out of her crate as if she had been in Vienna her whole life. My scaredy cat Siamese, Sahara, took a couple of days to settle but now not even a week later they are both happy and back to their usual selves.

I wholeheartedly recommend Ferndale to anyone looking for a company to ship their pets - I would certainly have no hesitation about using them again if I were to return to Hong Kong in the future.

Leggett family to Austria
August 2016