Our Client Stories

Goalie moving to Japan (Nov 2023)

We never imagined ourselves moving away from Hong Kong when we landed there 13 years ago. We happily acquired a rescue dog for our children. When a job change took us to Tokyo, leaving Goalie behind was never an option. Thankfully, Ferndale is no stranger to relocating dogs to Japan, and handled all the documentation flawlessly. Moving to Japan has been challenging in every legal aspect (banking, driving, renting, purchasing, memberships, etc) with many things being rejected multiple times, but importing Goalie was the ONE thing that went flawlessly. We cannot thank Ferndale enough. During the time that Goalie needed to board at Ferndale (3 months) prior to being able to enter Japan, they not only cared for our nervous dog, but handled a lengthy dental surgery, multiple medical checks, and kept her safe through many typhoons. She was always happy in the videos they regularly sent, so we were assured that she was thriving in their care. We heartily endorse their tremendous and caring staff, and their expert Doctor Matthew, and those who handle the immigration paperwork! Thank you so much.