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Monday, January 11, 2021
Labradoodle Vs Cavoodle

Cavoodles & Labradoodles. The Basics.

Over the last 10 years, designer dogs have become extremely popular breeds all over the world. Labradoodles and Cavoodles are two of the most popular designer dog breeds in the world. These poodle hybrids are bred to be sociable, intelligent, and low-shedding companions. However, while they share some similarities, there are some notable differences between labradoodles vs cavoodles when it comes to their size, appearance, personalities, exercise requirements, and more.
So if you’re trying to decide between bringing home a labradoodle or cavoodle puppy, we’ll help you understand how these doodle dogs compare. We’ll also overview the ideal owner for each of these popular doodle hybrids.

So, What are Labradoodles and Cavoodles?

As you’ve probably guessed, Cavoodles and Labradoodles are other dog breeds crossed with different variations of Poodle. That opens them up to a lot of different colours, sizes and traits.

Whilst the dogs that you’re cross-breeding with will generally be a standard size, breeding with a Miniature Poodle rather than a Standard Poodle is likely to breed much smaller dogs etc.

The designer dog fad started as breeders wanted to escape the birth defects created by breeding within a gene pool. Breeding Poodles with other Poodles will eventually cause issues because those Poodles might be related.

Although breeders have a good idea of what they’ll get when they breed their dogs, when you breed two dogs that are so different, you can’t be 100% positive about what the puppies will look like when they’re older. Be prepared for them to grow up to look different from your initial expectations.

However, as long as you know what you’re getting, provide suitable housing and pay close attention to their needs, they all make amazing pets.




A Cavoodle is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. A Miniature Poodle is used in most cases, making it one of the most popular designer dogs as it’s so tiny! They have an amazingly thick, fluffy coat with slightly curly fur which can be cut neatly to give them a beautiful perm. They’re the perfect family dog and are extremely friendly and loving. They become attached easily, however, so they won’t be great pets if you intend to leave them alone for hours at a time as they might get depressed. Doggy daycare would be a great option if you have to go to work.

Characteristics of Cavoodles

  • Comes in multiple different colours and can even have multi-coloured markings.
  • Poodles are hypoallergenic dogs, so they’re great for owners with allergies and Cavoodles continue this trait. However, they aren’t completely shed-free due to the Spaniel genes they still carry.
  • They’re unbelievably quiet. Here’s a dog breed for your neighbours. We expect most dog breeds to bark a little, but actually, Cavoodles are one of the quietest dogs around.
  • Easy to train. Cavoodles are the easiest ‘oodle’ to train. These dog breeds pick up commands easily and are very intelligent.

What to Look Out for

Unfortunately, because of the way they’re bred, they are prone to some common health issues.

  • Epilepsy – this can be treated, but it’ll be expensive and your insurance is likely to be high.
  • They can get cataracts at a young age.
  • Their kneecaps are delicate and often dislocate through strenuous exercise.
  • They do need a lot of care, with regular eye and ear cleaning (as tear stains are common) and 6 weekly trips to the groomers.

Overall, Cavoodles do make lovely pets and are great around other pets and children as they’re so loving and gentle. However, they can be expensive to purchase, sometimes anywhere up to £3000 depending on size and health. You’ll also need to make sure you’re covered for future health issues throughout their 14-year lifespan.

They’re the best suited for city living out of the 3 ‘oodles,’ as they’re natural lapdogs. Consider your accommodation before making a decision.



You’ve guessed it! A Labradoodle breed is a cross between a Labrador and a Poodle. Because Labradors are naturally bigger than Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Labradoodles are a larger ‘oodle.’ However, the Lab can be bred with a Miniature or Standard Poodle, so their sizes can vary considerably.

They also make amazing family pets and are known for being loyal and playful. These dog breeds even make good guard dogs. But they do need a lot of outdoor space. Their Labrador parentage means that they’re incredibly active and need space to run around. If you live in a flat or apartment without a garden, a Labradoodle isn’t the best choice for you.

Characteristics of Labradoodles

  • Very loving, loyal and great with children.
  • Loves to be around other dogs and has been bred to be non-aggressive.
  • Adjusts easily to new environments, so if you’re planning a house move, this is the one for you.
  • Highly intelligent, can be trained easily and will enjoy performing party tricks.

What to Look Out for

  • Like Cavoodles, Labradoodles are prone to epilepsy as this is a trait that is commonly seen in Poodles.
  • They often get elbow or hip dysplasia depending on their breeding. This will happen more often if you purchase your pooch from a careless breeder.
  • They get eye and ear infections easily due to allergies, so like their smaller cousins, they’ll need to have their eyes and ears cleaned regularly.
  • They don’t bark much, but when they do, they’re loud! Living in a building with neighbours in close proximity may lead to a few complaints coming your way.

Cavoodles and Labradoodles: Size Comparision

One of the most noticeable differences between cavoodles and labradoodles is their size. Cavoodles are a small hybrid, while labradoodles are much larger. Labradoodles vary in size based on their breeding lineage and parental sizes, typically falling into three categories. Standard Labradoodles, which stand 53 to 61 cm tall and weigh 23 to 30 kg. Medium Labradoodles, measuring 43 to 51 cm in height and weighing 14 to 20 kg, and Miniature Labradoodles, standing 36 to 41 cm tall and weighing 7 to 11 kg. Whereas the Cavoodle typically stands 22-36 cm and weighs 4- 11 kilograms. Standard Labradoodles can be over double the height and weight compared to the Cavoodles. The Cavoodle’s tiny size suits them well for small home and apartment living. Their lightweight build also means they need less physical exercise compared to Labradoodles.

Cavadoodle Vs Labradoodle: Lifespan

Lifespan is an important consideration when choosing between a Labradoodle and a Cavoodle. The average lifespan for a healthy Cavapoo is 12-15 years. Some Cavapoos may live longer, up to 17 years or more. Being a smaller dog, the Cavoodle tends to have a longer lifespan than larger breeds. The Labradoodle has an average lifespan of 12-14 years. So, the lifespan of a Labradoodle is slightly shorter than that of a Cavoodle. While genetics play a role, your proper care can help increase your doodle dog’s lifespan.

Labradoodle Vs Cavoodle: Temperament

When it comes to Labradoodles vs Cavoddles, there are some notable differences in their temperament. Labradoodles are typically outgoing, energetic, and playful dogs. They are also known as loving and affectionate dogs. Labradoodles make great family pets and are good with children and other animals. Cavoodles are also known for being friendly and playful dogs, but they are generally more laid-back than Labradoodles. Cavoodles are also very loving and affectionate, and they make great companions for people of all ages.

Cavoodle Vs Labradoodle: Shedding & Allergies

Both Labradoodles and Cavoodles are hypoallergenic, so they’d be an amazing companion for someone who might have allergies or asthma. There’s no shedding involved, so they’ll leave your sofa pristine when you can’t resist inviting them for a cuddle. However, as their fur grows so quickly, they will need to take a trip to the groomers every 6-8 weeks.

Labradoodle Vs Cavoodle: Price Comparision

When we compare the prices between Labradoodles and Cavoodles, Labradoodles are cheaper than Cavoodles. This may be because they’re considered as more high maintenance due to their larger size. You could pick up a puppy for £1000-£2000, depending on the breeder, whereas Cavoodles may cost you £3000. But make sure you don’t let the cheaper price fool you. A tiny puppy might grow into a giant (Labrador size). Check the parentage first so you can gauge their adult size.

Side by Side Comparision of Labradoodle and Cavoodle

Factor Labradoodle Cavoodle
Size Labradoodles are generally larger than Cavoodles. The average height of the labradoodle is 53-61 cm. The average height of the Cavoodle is 22-36 cm.
Weight Labradoodle can weigh from 22-30 kilograms. Cavoodle can weigh from 4-11 kilograms
Lifespan The average lifespan of the labradoodle is 12-14 years. Cavoodles live longer than Labradoodles. Their lifespan is 12-15 years.
Temperament Labradoodles are generally outgoing, energetic, and playful dogs. They are generally more laid-back than Labradoodles
Cost They may cost £1000-£2000 depending on the breeder. They may cost you up to £3000 depending on health and size.

Labradoodle or Cavoodle: Which Breed Is Suitable for You?

Overall, both Labradoodles and Cavoodles make great pets and you’ll experience unconditional love and cuddles from either breed. Just make sure you understand the responsibility you’re taking on and that you have an environment that’s suitable. Consider your lifestyle and experience level when choosing between Labradoodles and Cavoodles. Instead of getting a poodle puppy do also consider rehoming a charity dog and giving a dog a new home.

Getting a puppy from overseas.

Ferndale doesn’t sell dogs or help source pets. But if you find a reputable breeder overseas, we are more than happy to help you with the door-to-door transportation of them to your home! Please fill in the link for travel costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size difference between Labradoodles and Cavoodles?

Labradoodles are bigger than Cavoodles in size. The height of a Labradoodle is 53-61 cm, whereas that of a Cavoodle is 22-336 cm.

Are labradoodles or cavoodles better with kids?

Both breeds are gentle and playful with children. Cavoodles may be better for very young kids due to their smaller size.

Which breed is easier to train, labradoodles or cavoodles?

Both are highly intelligent and trainable, but labradoodles are often more energetic and easily distracted during training.

What’s better for apartment living, a labradoodle or cavoodle?

The small size, lower energy, and lack of shedding make cavoodles the better apartment dog. Labradoodles need more space.

What are the average lifespans of Labradoodles and Cavoodles,

The average lifespans of Labradoodles and Cavoodles are 12-14 years and 12-15 years, respectively. Cavoodles live slightly longer than Labradoodles.

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