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Pet Relocation & Shipping to Macau or from Macau

Need to bring your pets in or out of Macau? Most international shipments from or into Macau need to go through Hong Kong International Airport, as Macau Airport doesn’t allow pets as cargo and so they all come in and out of Hong Kong. This adds an additional layer of complexity as we need a Hong Kong government AFCD permit to allow this process.

Relocation process for animals in and out of Macau:

Pets can come from Macau to HK and vice versa.  Hong Kong AFCD say new permit terms will only allow shipment from Macau via HK by sea, so only cargo ship will be possible.

As AFCD only allow transit shipment via sea now- then only the cargo ship is possible because the Jetboat does not carry pets. Therefore its necessary to use the air conditioned overnight Cargo boat at present. Hopefully this will change and become faster when the bridge opens from HK to Macau.

While being received at HK customs, until leaving HK (if transitting) they need to be under special escort by the AFCD.


What can Ferndale provide?

  • offer the tailor-made Relocation move for animals in and out of Macau
  • provide advice and make arrangements to meet any requirements of the export destination
  • provide everything required including vaccinations, veterinary consultations with English or Cantonese speaking Doctors, transportation, etc.
  • focus on pet health and safety at all times

Ferndale Kennels Pet relocation service can help with arranging any of this process to allow you a seamless International pet move in or out of Macau via Hong Kong.

We know very well some Veterinary hospitals in Macau that are friends of ours, who can help with advice and medical care during your stay in Macau. We also have a partner agent in Macau who can help with some of the documentation endorsement for pet moving.

Please contact our Ferndale office and we can coordinate everything for your move door-to-door, or a bespoke tailored dog or cat shipping solution.
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