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Tuesday, February 28, 2023
Exporting Pets from Singapore

If you’re planning to leave Singapore, whether for a holiday, a longer travel experience, or to relocate completely, you need to consider your pets. They’re members of your family and need to be happy with the change and stay healthy and stress-free whilst moving.

You also need to be confident that all of your pet’s travel documents are in order so you can travel freely with no hiccups.

To ensure your dogs or cats can travel comfortably with no problems, there are a few things that you’ll need to prepare for exporting pets from Singapore:

Your Destination’s Legal Travel Requirements for Pets

Singapore has strict regulations for bringing pets in and out of the country. Pets exported from Singapore must have up-to-date vaccinations and health certificates issued by an approved veterinarian at most 7 days before travel. You should research entry requirements for the destination country and complete all documentation, examinations, and paperwork well before the planned travel date. Some of the essential requirements for exporting pets from Singapore are:

Health Certificates

Most countries will request a fresh veterinary health certificate confirming they’re fit and healthy no more than about a week before travel. It varies with your destination for exact requirements. While some countries will allow a private veterinarian to assess your dog, others might request a government-approved one.

This is something that needs planning as far in advance as possible. Once you have your plane tickets booked, there’s no turning back, and you don’t want to find out a week prior to travelling, that your vet has no free appointments. When using our Singapore pet shipping service, we book your medical check at least 1 month in advance when you know your travel date. This gives you plenty of leeway for changes if required.

Top Tips Before Exporting Your Pets from Singapore

  • It’s also a good idea to keep your pet away from other pets or households, if possible, for 5 days prior to travel. This may mean walking dogs at quieter times or keeping them contained in your yard if it’s large enough. The last thing you need is for your dog to pick up something from outside a few days before you go.
  • Once you have your medical clearance confirmed, a long walk immediately before travel could help to tire them out so that travelling is slightly less stressful because they feel more sleepy after the exercise, rather than be too bouncy as they have not had a walk yet.

Health Certificate Endorsed by AVS

To export your dog and cat from Singapore, you must get a health certificate from the Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS). This certificate proves your pet is healthy and meets Singapore’s import rules you want to bring it to. You must take your pet to an AVS-approved vet to get the certificate. The vet will examine your pet and vaccinate it if needed. The vet will fill out and sign the health certificate if your pet is healthy. Then, you must take the certificate to AVS to get their endorsement. AVS will check the certificate and stamp it.

You will require an endorsed health certificate for exporting pets from Singapore to travel to certain countries from Singapore. To obtain one, we will need to have your:

  • Full vaccination records.
  • Information about your pet’s health.

Singapore Pet Export Licences

You must obtain a pet export licence to export your pet from Singapore legally. These licences can be applied online and are valid for 30 days. Don’t apply for the export licence before the 30-day period, as you won’t be able to leave the country if it has expired when you reach the airport.

The export licences cost S$50, but an express service (if you’ve left it until the last minute) can cost up to S$100. So, it’s in your interest to plan ahead.

A Pre-Export Inspection

Some countries request an inspection of the pet prior to exporting your dog or cat from Singapore. These need to be booked in online and should be scheduled at least 4 hours prior to departure.  Inspections can also be held at the Changi Animal & Plant Quarantine Station (CAPQ).

Gathering Your Pet’s Travel Documents

Just like people, pets need to have specific travel documents to allow them in and out of the country.

Some countries require a pet passport alongside your health clearance to enter the country. We will tell you your destination country’s import requirements. If you don’t have all the documents, your pet may be quarantined upon landing.

For exporting pets from Singapore, you will need:

  • An AVS-issued export licence.
  • The veterinary health certificate that an approved vet has signed.
  • Any supporting documents regarding vaccination status or medication that your pet requires.
  • Customs permits.

All pets exported from Singapore are regulated, and we should also acquire customs permits to declare that your pet is safe to enter the country at the other end.


Exporting pets from Singapore requires following strict regulations and procedures set by AVS. You must ensure your pet is vaccinated and obtain the necessary import permits from the destination country. Quarantine may be required depending on the destination. While the process can be complex, our pet relocation service is available to handle logistics and paperwork. With proper preparation and planning, pet owners in Singapore can successfully export their beloved companions to a new home abroad. The export process can go smoothly by working closely with authorities and service providers.

Your Travel Team

When exporting your dog or cat from Singapore to a different country, it’s not just the documentation that can seem daunting, but you’ll also be worried about their welfare during travel. For this reason, it’s a good idea to ask for professional help from our pet relocation service. The safe and humane transport of your pets is our specialty. We can assist you in exporting pets from Singapore.

Ferndale team or partners can help with everything, including getting the correct documents together so you don’t get stuck in quarantine or customs. We can also assist with the actual flight arrangements for your pet’s travel from Singapore to ensure they’re travelling in comfort and style.

The team will accompany your pet at the airport to ensure they’re going through all of the necessary checks, and someone can be available on the ground team at the destination’s airport to take your pet through all the necessary checks until you reunite.

Check Out: Singapore Airlines for Pet Travel

Your Pet’s Journey

Alongside the forms and documents, you need to ensure that your pet is prepared for the journey. We can give you guidance on how to prepare your pet for being in a crate (or bag) during travel.

In most cases, your pet will be asked to travel in the hold in a special compartment that is designated for animal cargo. However, in special circumstances, you may be able to travel with them on the plane with you. This is likely to need extra checks and may cost more money.

However, having our specialist pet relocation team will ensure your pet is just as happy in the hold.

Our pet relocation team will introduce themselves to your pet prior to the journey and accompany them along the way. We can help you select a travel crate that’s exactly right for your pet and will be able to give you information on feeding prior to travel to ensure your pet isn’t sick.

Our pet travel services will provide photo updates along the way so you have peace of mind that your pet is happy and healthy while you travel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the regulations for exporting pets from Singapore?

Regulations vary by destination country. In general, pets will need a vaccination, a health certificate endorsed by AVS, and potentially quarantine. Import permits are required for some destinations.

How do I get an AVS-endorsed health certificate?

You must bring your pet to an authorized vet in Singapore for examination. The vet will complete and sign the certificate, which you submit to AVS for endorsement. This process can take up to one month.

What vaccinations and tests does my pet need before exporting from Singapore?

Before exporting your pet from Singapore, they typically require vaccinations against rabies and additional vaccinations according to the importing country's regulations. Some countries also require parvovirus and distemper vaccines.

Does my pet need to be quarantined when entering the destination country?

Quarantine requirements vary. Some countries require quarantine of 10-30 days or more. Check regulations for your destination country.

What paperwork does my pet need for travel to another country?

Your pet will need an export permit and veterinary health record along with the AVS health certificate.

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