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Cat and Dog Relocation & Shipping to Dubai


Dubai is the biggest city (and the one with the largest population of people) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Like Hong Kong, its famed for being a lower tax region and also has outrageously expensive real-estate. People say it’s famous for the nice beaches, and less humid weather.
Every year we help many people relocate their pets to Dubai.

How pet relocation to Dubai works?

We work in partnership with our IPATA colleague agents, who can service any airport in the UAE. Organizing pet relocation to Dubai does involves a great deal of preparation and time, as well as the research.
For your dog or cat to be able to enjoy pet travel to Dubai, we need to help arrange an import permit in advance of the move, from the Dubai Government department. As with any international pet move, your pets need vaccinations, microchips, and valid and correct health certification with Government Endorsement.

Simplifying the move to Dubai with pets.

There are airline as well as governmental rules and so we recommend that if you decide to move to Dubai with your pets, contact us first to help you plan the complex process and reduce some of the anxiety.