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Private Jet Pet Travel

Many people are concerned with international pet travel by having to be separated from their pets, and having to put the dogs or cats in the airplane hold. The concept of traveling in a cage and separated from us? Well most of us put up with this because we understand that relocation is part of the lives we live nowadays for family or for work, and we know the pet move is for the “greater good” and that the veterinary health check beforehand would show up any medical issues.
But with private jet travel this is not necessary, the pets fly in the regular seats with the owners.
In reality, many people who choose private jet option do it for consideration of the pet’s health or separation anxiety issues, rather than planning it as a luxury item.

The exact details will depend on the jet company ownership or management, but normally pets can travel in a private jet inside in a soft bag, or in the owners arms.

Costs are high, unless the journey can be shared with others.

The documentation
Documentation for the pet relocation is the same regardless of commercial airline or private jet.

The check in process
Check in process is easier. Relax in the classy Passenger Lounge while the staff arrange for your passport and documents to be checked.
All documentation needs to be given by Ferndale to the Business Aviation Centre at least a day in advance for checking. Hong Kong Business Aviation Centre (HKBAC) is said to be Asia’s Premier Fixed-Base Operator (FBO) for business aircraft.

Receiving pets on private jet
Appointment needs to be made with the local authority eg AFCD in Hong Kong, to ensure there are staff on hand to check the pets microchip and other documents, when you arrive

Safely and care in the air
Apart from convenience, this is the appeal of private jet. Being together with a pet enables you to reassure them and let them take their medical treatments etc if required.
Private jets are usually designed to climb faster than bigger planes, so they’re above bad weather sooner- so flights are smoother.
They have more advanced air pressure systems than commercial airlines, eg the Gulfstream G650 is pressurised to 3,000 ft/ 914 metres, twice as low as commercial airlines. This low pressure in the cabin reduces fatigue and is less tiring and you can take rest better.

Pricing of pets on private jet
Please contact an aviation company for pricing of the flights. Ferndale will just arrange the documentation at both ends, in order to satisfy the jet company and the Government departments of Importing and Exporting countries.