Can you fly pets to Australia with private jet?

Flying Dogs & Cats to Australia with Private Jet


Normally all pet dogs and cats destined to Australia must travel as manifest cargo (i.e. in a commercial airline as Cargo, not as excess baggage) in a crate for biosecurity and traceability reasons. This is also an Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority requirement for all aircraft that fly into and through Australian airspace.

It is possible to import pets to Australia via private jet into Melbourne, but please note this requires very special arrangements with the Post Entry Quarantine (PEQ) facility whose staff will attend the airport, remove the animal from the aircraft in its crate and take it to the Australian Quarantine facility where they must still stay for 10 days.
This also does not alter all the necessary preparations, testing, vaccinations, treatments and examinations required before the animals are eligible for export to Australia as per the conditions of the Australian Government import permits and depending on the country of departure.
Hong Kong is categorized as Group 3, contact us for assistance planning your move to Australia.

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