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Pet Travel

In today’s world with more and more connections and travel opening up to more and more people as we become a more mobile planet, what happens to pets? How can the pet travel? Well as the same as people they are able to cross borders and travel but with more restrictions and regulations (after all, they aren’t quite the paying customer themselves).

Understanding these rules can seem a nightmare as not only do different countries have different exit and entry rules, but airlines also have their own policy towards live animal pet travel with some being a lot more restrictive than others. Heat and weather embargoes also play a role for different airports, airlines and countries. A lot more complicated than simply a few clicks on a phone app and the flight is confirmed.

Pet travel takes careful planning and can take up to 9 months to prepare depending on which country you are going to. This is where Pet relocators come in and ease the process for you, make sure all the correct paperwork is in place, vaccinations and blood tests in check and flights booked. Pet travel can be less complicated.

Ferndale will advise you on the latest current travel information for your dog or cat. Whether it’s pet crates you need, airline pet import or shipping documents, or the full door-to-door pet travel service. We have helped dog and cat owners for over 20 years with pet travel.