Importance of Dog License in Singapore

dog license in Singapore

As Singapore grows as a global, modern city, dog ownership has become increasingly common in recent years. Licensing one’s dog provides many benefits, both for the owner and for the wider society. It provides proof of ownership for owners, which is helpful for retrieving lost dogs or enforcing anti-cruelty laws. Licensing also helps ensure dogs are microchipped, vaccinated, and sterilized per Singapore’s regulations. From a public health perspective, licensing facilitates rabies control and allows authorities to contact owners during disease outbreaks.

In this article, we will provide an overview of dog licensing requirements and procedures in Singapore. It will cover who needs to apply for a license, where and how to register your dog, what documents are needed, the license categories and fees, and more. Whether you are a new or longtime dog owner, learning about the dog license in Singapore is essential for being a responsible pet owner.

Why Should You License Your Dog?

Getting a license for your dog in Singapore is essential when you want to be a good pet owner and follow the rules here. There are many reasons why having a dog license in Singapore is so important:

Legal Requirement

Legal requirement

Dog licensing is mandatory in Singapore under the Animals and Birds Act. All dogs over 3 months old must be licensed, and you can face fines for failing. Getting a license keeps you on the right side of the law.

Identification and Traceability

identification and traceability

Dogs spotted without a license are picked up by authorities. Having a license and tag on your dog makes it much easier to get them back if they ever get lost. The license has your contact info so that you can be reached as the registered owner.

Proof of Ownership and Vaccination

proof of ownership and verification

A dog license is official documentation that you are your dog’s owner, and your dog is vaccinated against rabies, which is required in Singapore. Having this essential information registered with the municipality means animal control can quickly confirm your dog’s vaccinations.

Funding for Animal Services

funding for animal service

The licensing fees help fund your local animal shelter and animal control department. This goes towards caring for and housing stray animals, investigating animal cruelty cases and providing other vital services that benefit pets in your community.

Supports Community Safety

supports community safety

Licensing helps control and monitor the dog population in a given area. It assists in identifying dogs that may pose a danger to others due to aggressive behavior or health concerns.

How Do You Obtain a Dog License in Singapore?

Getting a dog license in Singapore is mandatory by law for all dogs over 3 months of age and must be renewed annually. Licensing your furry friend is straightforward and can be quickly accomplished in just a few steps. Here are the procedure and required documents to obtain a dog license:


  • Fill out the license application form by System of Pet Animal Licensing (PALS)
  • You must access the application portal using your personal Singpass ID and Password
  • Complete the details, including your name, address, proof of ownership, and dog’s information (name, breed, sex, etc)
  • Upload all the required documents (microchipping certificate, dog photo, health certificate, etc.)
  • After the form submission, pay the application fee
  • You will notified via email after the payment

Required Documents

  • Your Dog’s Photo
  • Microchipping Certificate
  • A copy of the applicant’s NRIC(National Registration Identity Card)
  • An import permit is required if the dog is imported from another country

Fee For Dog License

Dog Category 1-year license 2-year license 3-year license 1-time license
Dogs under 5 months of age 15 SGD/dog Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable
First 3 dogs

If sterilised:

15 SGD/dog

For non-sterilised:

90 SGD/dog

If sterilised:

25 SGD per dog

For non-sterilised:

165 SGD/dog

230 SGD per non-sterilised dog 35 SGD per sterilised dog
Fourth and subsequent 

180 SGD/dog


A reduced license fee of 15 SGD for the fourth dog

35 SGD/dog


A reduced license fee of 25 SGD for the fourth dog

460 SGD per non-sterilised dog

460 SGD per dog


A reduced licence fee of 35 SGD for the fourth dog

What Are the Consequences of Owning an Unlicensed Dog?

Not getting a license for your dog in Singapore leads to big troubles. Under the Animals and Birds Act, you can be fined up to $5,000 or imprisoned if it’s your first offense for having a dog over 3 months without a license. On top of huge fines, unlicensed dogs may be taken away from the owner without warning.
The penalties cause more than money issues. Lost pets without licenses are less likely to find their way back home.


Obtaining a proper dog license is an essential requirement for relocated pets and their owners in Singapore. As a pet relocation provider assisting clients with moving their dogs to Singapore, we highly recommend pet owners license their dogs within 30 days of arrival. The license not only makes dog ownership legal in the country but also aids in the identification and return of lost pets to their rightful owners.

By licensing your dog and properly attaching the license tag, you fulfill regulatory requirements and avoid penalties. If you are relocating to Singapore with a pet, our dedicated team can assist with all pet import and resettlement requirements, including obtaining the mandatory dog license. Contact us today to learn how we can help make your move to Singapore easy and worry-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to license their dog in Singapore?

All dog owners living in Singapore must license their dogs with the Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS). This applies to both Singapore citizens and foreigners living in Singapore with dogs.

What are the requirements to obtain a dog license in Singapore?

To get a dog license in Singapore, your dog must be microchipped for identification by a licensed veterinarian. You must provide proof of these requirements when applying for the license.

What is the penalty if my dog is unlicensed in public areas?

Unlicensed dogs in public areas may be removed, and owners can be fined up to $5,000. Repeat offenders may be banned from dog ownership.

When do I need to renew my annual dog license in Singapore?

Dog licenses in Singapore must be renewed every year before the expiration date printed on the license tag. License renewal reminders are typically sent one month before expiration.

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