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Monday, February 28, 2022
Private Jet for Pets to UK: Ferndale X Connexus Travel


Ferndale have found a very established partner to work with to help with all the charter booking preparations so we can focus on what we do best-  which is pet travel documents and animal health check aspects for getting your pets home safely.

Connexus Travel  (formerly Swire Travel Limited) was the first travel agent registered in Hong Kong, in 1948.

Connexus will help pet owners group together to share the charter costs.  Details :

First flight will be departing to UK on 29th April 2022

For private jet to UK enquiries, please contact Connexus using the below methods-

Connexus Email : [email protected]

Connexus hotline : 31518856

Connexus Whatsapp : 93872572



For Cargo or Excess baggage pet relocations continue to contact us directly

Email: [email protected]
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